Qualities of Good Parent (2023): Raising Happy and Healthy Children

Good Parent

What qualities should someone have in order to be a good parent? Do certain people need to possess a certain quality in order to be excellent parents?

I am aware that being a good parent can be difficult because every child is unique and there isn’t a universal method that can be used to help parents lead their kids in the right route.

You’ve found the right website if you’re experiencing the same issue and looking for a solution.

Here, we’ll talk about and attempt to explain the qualities of good parent based on real-life situation that can help you be a successful parent.

Support your Child

Parents have particular expectations for their children, such as excellence in academics and athletics.  They put pressure on their children to live up to expectations, which makes them depressed. Being a strict parent is not always beneficial since it creates distance between the child and the parents. In order for our children to feel appreciated and driven, we as parents should always support them.

Always remember they are observing

Want to ignore traffic laws because you’re in a hurry? engage in a contentious debate with your partner?  Take a hold of yourself and start instilling positive habits in yourself first since good parents are aware that their children frequently imitate their attitudes and behaviors. If we want our children to treat others with kindness and respect, we should look into ourselves whether we do the same or not. This is most likely the best example of the adage “Practice what you preach.”

Watch out what your child eat

Eating processed and unhealthy food? I believe that many parents have similar concerns regarding their kids. However, many are unaware that children pick up their parents’ eating habits from them, making it important to monitor what your family eats at home.  Be an example for your children, as they are more likely to make healthy decisions if they witness you eating well. Introduce a balanced approach that permits occasional treats when consumed in moderation because too much pressure and restriction can backfire.

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Communicate with your Child

Why is communication important? Is it really necessary to talk to your child and take time out of our crazy schedules? If you feel the same way, this information will shift your outlook on dealing with children.

Parents often believe that providing expensive gadgets and phones to their children will make them happy. However, the most crucial thing babies require is our time, which most parents lack.

We should endeavor to manage our time as parents and speak with our children. Active listening is essential in communication because being a good listener naturally makes you a good speaker. Always pay attention to their ideas and feelings and provide constructive feedback as needed.

Encourage your Child

Does your youngster worry about what people think of them, especially their peers? I think that now is the ideal time to improve our parenting skills. This is the moment when our children require our assistance, and the easiest approach to avoid this consequence is to encourage your children. Encouragement is a great motivator and development support tool for your child.

Express regret for your mistakes

Yes, you read it right. Parents should always offer their sincere apologies when warranted. It teaches kids that everyone makes errors and that accepting responsibility for one’s actions is crucial. Your child’s growth and development can be motivated and supported with the help of encouragement.

Be fair to your Child

I know it’s a tough one, but it’s one of the most vital qualities of a good Parent.

It’s normal for a parent to want the best for their child. However, this impulse might occasionally mistakenly lead to unfairness. It is critical to keep this in mind and to make conscious attempts to guarantee fairness among your children. Remember that fairness does not imply treating every child the same, but rather recognizing their uniqueness and addressing their specific needs.

Be Patient with your Child

This is one of the most important qualities on the list. There will be times when you feel annoyed or fatigued, making it difficult to be patient with the kids. It’s crucial to keep in mind that kids are still growing and learning. Always be compassionate toward children because they might not have the same maturity or self-control as adults.

Maintain a “Feel good” Environment 

Does your youngster feel at ease when at home? Wants to go out and spend time alone all the time?  Consider whether you are fostering a positive environment. If not, you are failing to create a healthy environment at home.

To maintain a “feel good” environment, here are some tips:

Pay attention to the way you speak with your kids. Replace negative talk with positive affirmation.

Minimize exposure to negative influences, such as toxic relations, negative news or social media.

Decorate your space with items that make them feel happy, such as plants, artwork or meaningful objects.

Educate them from your learning

Children often learn from observing their parents’ actions, so let your personal experience guide you in being a positive role model for them. Share your personal stories and experiences with your child. It could be about challenging situations you faced and how you overcame it, a valuable life lesson you learned. By giving your child these examples from real life, you may teach them valuable lessons and transmit knowledge.

Build a connection with your Child

What’s the point of parenting when you don’t have a connection with your child.

We parents usually don’t make any effort for doing so. Children from very young age start creating images of our personalities in their mind. Relationship building plays a crucial role in creating positive bond with our kids.

First of all, make sure to give your time to children (not the time with mobile or laptop in your hands ) I am talking about just you and your kids. Children treasure such times and believe me you will love it too,

You can play games, go out for a walk, spend quality time or simply having a conversation to build a positive connection with children.


Parenting cannot be learnt in a single day or with a single article. You learn with experiences and I can bet your kids will never miss a chance to give you that 😉

Parenting is an on-going process that requires time, effort, and unconditional love. By investing in this relationship, you lay the foundation for a strong and lasting bond. Be patient and give it your all. Amidst all this don’t forget yourself. Don’t put yourself under the pressure of being the best parent. Just believe in yourself, you are already doing your best.

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