About me

Hello there! I’m Yasar, working in IT sector with an experience of 8 years.  I am a married man, important to mention  father of two kids.

Back in 2020,  I started my WFH journey due to pandemic and was looking to spend quality time with my family.

I started buddyparenting to chronicle my own personal journey.

Throughout these years I realized the importance of parenting and the difficulties parents face in raising children.

I have had multiple experiences where I found myself stuck between what should be done and what should not.

I used to read and search online to find the best solution. I have to go through a lot of websites and books even today. Thus to make this simpler for you I decided to grab my laptop , create a website and write as much as I want to read about my daily “parenting problems”

I will try my best to make it a valuable resource for parents around the world  looking for parenthood tips .

In addition to the helpful tips and information, I share stories about my life and family to let other parents know, that they are not alone.

I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you.

Your feedback and suggestion is valuable to me. Feel free to reach out to me in case of any questions and feedback.